Future Investment Consultancy Studio

At Future Group, we have developed a culture, not just as a great Hospitality Operator, but as a great and determined Investor. Our Investments Team understands Markets and Risk in Greece. We achieve outsized returns for our Partners by finding and adding value in unique and proprietary ways.

Whether investing for the short term or long term, Future Group crafts a capital structure that aligns with our Partners’ objectives. Our Management Team is focused on performance excellence guided by the mantra “Think like an owner” in every decision it makes.

We are known for thinking like an Owner, driven by Innovation and Creative Strategies.

Future Group looks for opportunities to Partner with like-minded Investors who believe in Experiential Hospitality and Operational Excellence. For more than 25 years, Our Management Team has excelled by creating places where Our Guests have wonderful and unique experiences that are integrated into every corner of our Properties in Greece – Through Creative Artistry and Strategy, we transform the Ordinary into Extraordinary Greek Destinations.